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To cut the jams and reduce pollution, we need to take a hard look at how we move around. One answer is to travel less by car and more by bus, and to cycle or walk for shorter everyday journeys.

But for people to travel less by car, people need to be offered better choices than the ones they have now. They need good alternatives to the car, like joined-up public transport, faster buses and safer walking and cycling routes.

To tackle our key transport challenges in the region, the West of England Combined Authority has secured more than £½ billion funding from central government – more per head than anywhere else in the country.

Over the last couple of years, we have sought your views and concerns about local transport. Your feedback has helped us to develop four projects in partnership with Bath & North East Somerset Council. These are just the first projects in a wider-long term programme.

Together, they are designed to bring real and very practical benefits to people who live, work and visit here, for business and pleasure. They could have a very positive impact on traffic on our roads and increase investment in the region.

This is – of course - far easier said than done. We have limited space on our roads, and we recognise the solutions won’t be perfect for everyone. There will be tough choices to make along the way.